Crossfit Training Programs

Program Creator Pricing
Aerobic CapacityChris Hinshaw$30 USD per month or $20 USD per month if you subscribe for one year.
Black Magic TrainingJenn Jones and Jared Astle$10 USD per month for General Physical, $20 USD per month for Competition, $250 USD per month for Remote Coaching
Brute Strength Michael Cazayoux$79 USD per month for Solo, $99 USD per month for Pro
Burgener StrengthMike BurgenerFree
CompTrainBen BergeronFree
Conjugate FitnessShane Sweatt and Laura Phelps$24.60 per month
Conjugate GymnasticsSean Lind$20 USD for Light, $35 USD for foundation, $45 USD for competitors
Crossfit GymnasticsJeff TuckerFree
Crossfit LinchpinPat SherwoodFree
Deka CompMichelle Letendre$20 per month
Féroce FitnessCamille Leblanc-Bazinet$29 USD per month
HWPOMatt Fraser$40 USD per month
HyperFitDoug Chapman$49 USD per month for Beginners, $79 USD per month for Development, $119 USD per month for Competitors
Icon AthleteChris Spealler.$45 USD per month, $15 USD per month for nutrition, $200 USD per month for competitors
Invictus Athlete ProgramsCrossFit Invictus$79 USD per month for Athlete, $29 USD per month for Endurance, $29 USD per month for Strongman, $39 per month for Gymnastics
Johnnie WODVarious NFL players and coaches$15 USD per month
Jump Ship TrainingSeth and Dani Page$29 USD per month
Lift Heavy OftenEZ Muhammad$30 USD per month
Midwest MadeJacob Heppner and Andrew KuechlerBasic $50 USD per month, Premium $90 USD per month
Misfit AthleticsDrew Crandall, Seth Page, Matt Sherburne and Gabe GarciaFree, $9.99 USD for Basic, $29.95 USD for Pro, $69.95 for Complete
MoveskillDave Werner, Jim Hein, Zack Finer and Nancy Meenen$10 USD per month
OPEX FitJames FitzGeraldFree
Physical ProgramJosh Bridges$29.99 USD per month, $53.99 USD per month
Power AthleteJohn Welbourn$49 USD per year for 8 week program, $30/$40 per year for 12 week programs
PowerWodJesse BurdickContact for pricing
ProjectsFitWykie Etsebeth and Dirk Fourie$85 USD per month for Base, $105 USD per month for Base + Peak
PRVN FitnessShane Orr$36 USD per month - fitness, $39 USD per month - Compete
Raw Strength and ConditioningBobby Dee$22 USD per week for Raw Program, $44 USD per week for Raw Ultimate, $49+ USD per week for Custom, $12 USD per week for Specialty Extras
Revival StrengthMarcus Filly$199 USD for 12 weeks (Awaken Training Series)
Rise StrengthDiane Fu and Andrea Ager$39 USD per program, $99 USD for all programs
RomwodJeremiah Head and Daniel Head$13.95 USD per month, $24.95 USD per month for Affiliates
Rowing WodCameron Nichol£10 per month, £90 per year
Run Calibrator Brian Mackenize$150-$175 USD for 3 months, $225 USD for 6 months
Rx MentalityScott Panchik$50 USD per month for individuals, $350 USD per month for affiliates
Street ParkingJulian and Miranda Alcaraz$19 per month, $15 per month for service members
The Bailey Program - Do What Dan DoesDan Bailey$49 USD per month, $99 USD per month for competitors
The Barbell WODDave Spitz$15 USD per month for 3 workouts per week, $20 USD per month for 5 workouts per week
The Ben Smith BlueprintBen Smith$50 USD per month
The Gains LabMatthew Wiebke$75 USD per month for Total Package, $75 USD for 12 weeks for Engine Builder, $75 for Strength Builder
The Outlaw WayRudy NeilsenFree, $15 USD per month for 3 days per week, $25 USD per month for 5 days per week
The ProgramRyan Fischer$20 per month
The Skill WodDusty HylandVarious programs from $10, $15, $30 USD per month
The SystemMikko Salo$45 USD per month
The Training PlanJami Tikkanen£29 per month for Foundation, £39 per month for Competitor, £59 per month for Advanced
Train with Julie FoucherJulie Foucher$45 USD per month
Training Think Tank$250 USD per month for remote coaching, 16 Week Competitors Program for $279 USD or $79/month.
Warmup and Workout Pat Barber$229 USD per month for Affiliates
Warrior ProgrammingAlex Moore, Paul Warrior and Jordan Wallace£10 per month for Base, £30 per month for Competitor
What’s Rich Doing?Rich Froning, James Hobart and Matt Hewitt$50 USD per month

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